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You can watch a variety of on line 'how-to' painting tutorials HERE

You can download the initial line drawing for some of the paintings in the tutorials HERE

"SKILLSHARE" (One of the very best learning platforms)

Check out my latest FREE! classes on SKILLSHARE

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Detailed instructions on how to use the Hake brush.  Four little vignettes for you to copy

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How you can instantly improve your paintings and drawings by correcting these mistakes

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STARTING ART? - tips, techniques and recommended materials

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Books I recommend for starting to paint and draw

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'Anne Kerr Art Studio'  YouTube channel.  Many more painting and drawing videos here

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FREE!  downloadable line drawings to accompany some of the YouTube videos

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You can purchase prints of many of my paintings directly from 'Fine Art America'  Prints can take many forms including ready framed pictures.

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Step by step tutorials on how to paint animals in soft pastel

Please Note

Owing to time constraints, I'm afraid I am no longer able to give critiques on individual works of art.

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