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Hello, I'm Anne Kerr. I hope you enjoy browsing my Art Studio website

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You can book a relaxing and informative painting holiday

Commission an animal portrait painting.  Downloadable e-books (painting animals in pastel)

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Books I would hate to be without

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  • Moonlit bay
  • Working boat
  • Country Church
  • Quiet river
  • Amarilys
  • Distant farm
  • Poppies in a window
  • Through the woods
  • IMG_0035
  • Hibiscus

Original Paintings

A selection of original paintings from the gallery.

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  • Icelandic pony
  • Mynka
  • One from the herd
  • IMG_0004
  • 'Follow me'
  • Harley
  • Vimerana

Animal Portraits

A secection of animal portraits from the gallery.

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  • Shoreland Old Farm
  • image1 (2)
  • image5
  • image1
  • Shorland view
  • image2
  • Shorland nearby view
  • image1

Painting Holiday

Join me on a relaxing painting holiday in the glorious county of Devon.

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