Bob Ross wet-on-wet oils

Bob Ross 
Bob Ross was an American who developed a simple oil painting technique that enabled everyone to be able to paint.  The paints are much thicker and drier than traditional oil paints and the special brushes are large and easy to handle.  There is absolutely no drawing required.
The 'wet-on-wet'™ technique is so called because the canvas is made wet with an oil based medium before the paints are applied.  Colours can therefore be blended on the canvas as well as on the palette.
Whether you paint landscapes, seascapes or flowers the same technique is used  People have tried using traditional oil paints for this technique but the results are nowhere near as stunning as the results you get with the specially designed materials.
With the Bob Ross wet-on-wet™It is possible to apply coloured gessos (acrylics) to a canvas before painting begins.  This supplies an underpainting that can change the effect of the oil paints.   Some of these exiting effects  could not possibly be obtained with traditional oil paints.
The Bob Ross 'wet-on-wet'™ method of painting is easy and quick to learn.  Once you have mastered the correct way to load and use the brushes you will be ableto tackle any landscape, seascape or floral picture that you desire.
Everybody takes home a completed painting at the end of each class!
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