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If you would like to commission a pet (or other animal)l portrait, please contact me using the form on the 'contact us' tab.

I will need a good photograph of the animal that shows as much detail as possible.  Please refer to 'hints and tips on photographing your pet' for information on taking the best picture.

Once you are satisfied that you have a good quality photograph please email me [email protected] attaching your photograph.If you haven't got a scanner you can send the picture in the mail. You will find the address on the 'pay by post' page  Remember that I do not know your pet so I am unaware of their character and I can only draw what I see.  If your black dog appears to have pink ears because of poor photography, then your portrait painting will also have pink ears!.  Please take your photograph from the same level as your pet.  If you are standing higher than your pet you will have a distorted picture.

I use soft pastel on velour paper for most of my animal portraits.I always use th best quality materials so that your picture will retain its rich colours and fine detail for many years.  The time taken to complete your pet portrait will depend on how busy I am.  I will complete your painting as soon as I can but I would appreciate as much notice as possible so that I can give as much time as possible to each commission.

When your painting is finished, I will email you a scan of it for your approval.  I will make any changes that are necessary until you are satisfied with the result.  Payment in full must then be made before your portrait is dispatched.  If you really do not like the painting then you will not be asked to  buy it.

 Prices for animal portraits in soft pastel

Paper size -  Up to and including quarter imperial (431cm x 330cm)  230 Euros

Paper size -  Larger than quarter imperial 320 Euros

Prices are for finished portrait, unmounted and unframed.

When thinking about the size of the painting, remember that your picture when framed, will measure approximately 20cm.  wider and 20cm. higher.

Important information

I retain the reproduction/copy rights of my artwork:  no drawing may be copied, reproduced or published in any way without my permission.  I reserve the right to use a scan of my artwork on my website or for advertising purposes.

If you decide not to purchase the finished commissioned painting, I retain the rights that allow me to sell the original painting for profit, also to reproduce the painting  by manual, mechanical, electronic or digital means in order to sell copies in any form for profit.




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