Picture Framing

Art Studio has a fully equipped framing workshop and can offer a specially selected range of quality picture frames.  It has been our experience that most customers select  frame mouldings from only a few designs.  Also, when framing a picture mounted and behind glass, the choice of mountboard is nearly always a neutral colour.  We have chosen to stock only these popular designs so as to drastically reduce the prices of our frames.  Our picture frames are  therefore considerably cheaper than any High Street framing shop.

A typical frame for a canvas painting of approx. 16" x 18" would cost approximately 18 Euros.  This includes frame clips, D-rings, cord and wall hook for hanging the picture

The same size frame for a glass faced picture which includes glass, mountboard, backing board D-rings, cord and wall hook would be approximately £35 depending on the moulding style chosen.

This gives you an idea of the enormous reduction in price compared with High Street framing shops.

Why not make an appointment, come along to the studio workshop and make your choice?

Alternatively, contact us with your picture measurements and requirements for framing and we will supply a quote.